Kolotii Oleksandr

Колотій Олександра

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Kolotii Oleksandr

Congenital abnormality of the development of the brain, episyndrome, double hemiplegia, secondary microcephaly, consequences of the transferred GIU of the CNS, spastic tetraparesis.


 On October 5, 2010, at 31 weeks, the long-awaited girls, twins Daryna and Oleksandra, were born. From that moment on, the fight for their lives began. The girls were on ventilators for 5 days. Sashenka was diagnosed with GI of the central nervous system. Suffered cerebral edema. VSHK 11th century Cephalohematoma of the left parietal region. Porencephalic cyst. Movement disorder syndrome. Congenital bilateral pneumonia. Anemia.

 A month later, they were discharged home with recommendations for massages, physical therapy, swimming, and prescribed medication. Unfortunately, no one has explained how serious the consequences of prolonged hypoxia are and where it is better to turn to in their case. For two years, every 2 months, they went to the neurology department, in addition, a massage therapist came to the house and worked with the children. Sashenka tried to hold her head, but at 7 months she started having convulsions. They started taking anticonvulsant drugs, which they still take without interruption. Unfortunately, they greatly inhibit the child's development. Vision problems were added to Sasha's diagnosis. Strabismus and partial atrophy of the optic nerves were diagnosed. Every time my mother asked the doctors about the rehabilitation at the Kozyavkin clinic. But she was constantly told that it was too early for them to go there, that they were too young, and that it was an episyndrome.

 The first time they got into rehabilitation at the Ukrainian Medical Center for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Children with Organic Damage to the Nervous System in 2 years. 3 months Later, at her own peril and risk, the mother enrolled in the International Rehabilitation Treatment Clinic and successfully completed 5 rehabilitation courses. They recently attended a course at the Center for Medical Rehabilitation of Disabled Children "Apis-Melifika", after three courses at this center Sashenka began to roll over from her stomach to her back. This is the first obvious result in all time. Now the girl holds her head unsteadily, does not sit, does not stand. She is very small, only 10 kg, but a very diligent girl. In addition to physical rehabilitation, they completed a course of micropolarization, 3 courses of acupuncture, 5 courses of bioresonance stimulation, courses with a psychologist, defectologist, speech therapist. They also go to individual swimming lessons. All these activities did not pass without a trace. Sashenka began to understand spoken language. If he really wants something, he makes it clear. He answers YES or nods his head. Says separate syllables.

 Sasha has already undergone a lot of rehabilitation in various centers and clinics, and there are small successes.

At the moment, the diagnosis is: congenital abnormality of the brain development, episyndrome, double hemiplegia, secondary microcephaly, consequences of the transferred GIU of the CNS, spastic tetraparesis. There are many diagnoses, but in general, the treatment consists of one thing, it is physical rehabilitation and mental development of the child.

 Treatment of cerebral palsy is a long and multi-stage process. This matter is time-consuming, but not hopeless. Since medicine in our country is now paid for and can be said to be very expensive, my mother turns to the charity fund "Dream to Live" for help. The mother really wants her Sashenka to sit down, get up on her feet, but she can't handle it alone.



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