Charitable Foundation "Dream to Live"

Допомога дітям
The "Dream to Live" Foundation is a non-profit organization that began its activities in 2014. For more than 8 years, our team has been working in the field of charity and helping children from all over Ukraine. Previously, we dealt exclusively with children with serious diseases. But from February 24, 2022, the specialization was changed. Now we try to help ALL children who need it. We are also introducing a new direction - assistance to the Armed Forces.

Charitable foundation "I dream to live" is a fund that does not try to create a bright, laudatory advertisement for itself. We do not engage in self-promotion and similar things to create a good and positive image for ourselves, but do our best to help every child. Each of our employees believes that there is no such thanks and reward on the whole globe as a child recovering and the shining happy faces of his family and friends.

Principles of work


We do not collect money on the streets. We send potential and current patrons copies of all documents and write an official letter of appeal with the phone numbers of the parents and the hospital. We provide full reporting on the receipt of donations and the use of funds on our website in the section "We helped" and "Reports".


Our team is a friendly family, consisting of enthusiasts who love their work and strive to do good by heart. At home, our employees are caring and gentle mothers. They come from home to the "I dream of living" office strong and know that they will succeed. The work of each employee is, first of all, the care and custody of children with disabilities.